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Get exchange requests to the correct processing location, In Good Order the first time!

Ceding Carrier Contact and Requirements Database

Identify ceding carriers’ exchange and transfer requirements BEFORE starting the transfer process. Automated access of up-to-date contact, processing location and replacement information by product type for 2,400+ Life, Annuity, Pension Administrators, Banks, and Mutual Fund companies.


Database Benefit Highlights

Database Access Options

Database Option Features


Database Benefit Highlights

  • Fax and attachment acceptance rules by product line ensure that requests are always sent as quickly and cost effectively as possible.
  • Accurate processing location addresses so requests are always sent to the correct location.
  • Search logic helps find the correct ceding carrier and processing location for each product.
  • E-signature acceptance and hard copy wet signature rules for in-good-order replacements.
  • Up-to-date Fax and Phone numbers cut replacement delays.
  • Detailed Replacement Form and Signature Guarantee notes cut out not-in-good-order requests.
  • Immediately know when the client must initiate the process and when proprietary surrender forms are required.
  • 1035 Automation Industry Initiative participants identified.
  • 20 years of historical information cuts out researching mergers, acquisitions and name changes.

Access Options

1035YellowPages Web Service
CTI or Client Hosted
  • Hosted and managed by Cooperative Technologies or by the Client.
  • Seamlessly integrate ceding carrier replacement data into order entry platforms and issuing carrier’s new business workflow systems for real-time access to all ceding carrier rules.
  • E-signature acceptance triggers to instantly identify which carriers’ lines of business accept electronic signatures or if hard copy originals with wet signatures are required.
  • Electronically fill correct ceding data into ACORD 951 / Replacement Forms.
  • Eliminate follow-ups and improve the customer experience with the data necessary to execute the replacement according to the ceding carrier’s requirements. Automatically know all unique requirements including proprietary ceding carrier form and medallion signature guarantee rules.
  • Integration of correct delivery methods, including fax numbers, addresses, email and future electronic messaging, ensures that the request is automated whenever possible.
  • Issuing carrier new business workflow integration ensures in-good-order replacements. All ceding data can be instantly tied to each replacement allowing integration of ceding data into all replacement communications. The service automatically identifies which ceding company processing locations use carrier-to-carrier electronic money settlement, and accept attachments.
  • Versatile search functionality provides several options for quick retrieval of the carrier’s correct replacement processing data.


1035YellowPages Web Site
  • Easy to search carrier processing location details.
  • Turnkey access - immediately available.
  • Hosted and managed by Cooperative Technologies.
  • Provides the ability to add private company and location notes.

Database Option Features


Features/Benefits 1035 YellowPages Web Site 1035 YellowPages Web Service (CT Hosted) 1035 YellowPages Web Service (Client Hosted) CT1035 Integrated Database
E-signature and Attachment Acceptance
Seamless integration into Order Entry / New Business systems and Intranets  
Automated data set triggers    
Search Logic to find correct carrier and processing location
Add your own ceding carrier data    
API provided     As required for additional data integration
Bi-weekly update downloads available    
Behind Client firewall    
Fax vs. Hardcopy location and requirement indicators
Fax and Phone numbers by processing location
Replacement form requirements by product
Partial replacement, policy rules, and conservation details (as applicable)
Company level notes including merger, acquisition, name changes, web site link, and NAIC number
NY Reg 60 processing indicators
User/site usage and security reports
Hosted and Managed by CT with automatic bi-weekly updates    
All Life, Annuity & Government Insurers, large Fraternal, Mutual Fund, Banks, and Pension Administrators
All replacement processing locations by product type and home offices
Web site by carrier & email addresses by location
Electronically verified mailing and street addresses
Estimated replacement turn-around times and stale dates
Ability to add your own restricted company and location note fields  
Add your company and state requirements      
Visual reference cut and paste      


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