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Strong working relationships with Industry Associations and Technology Leaders helps Cooperative Technologies stay in the forefront of changing technology.



Hexure Logo 

Hexure is a premier provider of innovative sales and regulatory automation solutions to the insurance and financial services industries. Hexure and Cooperative Technologies have an integration partnership that enables FireLight® clients to pull surrendering carrier data from the 1035YellowPages database into the FireLight e-application solution, automating and simplifying the replacement, exchange, and transfer sales processes for advisors. FireLight e-application is a multi-carrier sales solution that manages the application data collection and submission process for any line of business and product type on a single platform, generating in good order business processing.



Insurance Retirement Institute (IRI) Logo 

The Insurance Retirement Institute (IRI) works on behalf of the Insured Retirement Strategies Industry and consumers who rely on these Guarantees.  The IRI vigorously promotes consumer confidence in the value and viability of insured retirement strategies and focuses on research, education and advocacy in the best interest of the consumer and investor.  The IRI has positioned itself to be the authoritative source of knowledge pertaining to annuities, insured retirement products and retirement planning.



US Chamber of Commerce 

US Chamber of Commerce member since 1998.


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